Who I Am + What I Do

{What I Was Built To Do}



I love nothing more than to connect with others - strangers and lifetime friends alike

Understand what makes others tick. Be thoughtful with others. Anticipate needs. Accidentally find out life stories in the checkout line. Build trust through vulnerability and authenticity. Say "Hi" on the street. Help others feel heard. Ask the right question. Unlock inspiration in each other through great conversations.


I want to learn, understand, and grow more every day - about others, the world, and myself

Explore. Experiment. Collaborate. Ask, read, observe, listen. Challenge myself regularly. Try to get to the heart of what drives/confuses/excites others. Take on new skills and ideas, every day/week/year. Walk on new soil. Try on other perspectives. Mess around with behavior change.


I'm programmed to get things done - to get ideas out of our heads and into the world

Try to make it not just real but realistic. Be resourceful, determined, creative, organized, flexible. Think through every detail, but prioritizing the right ones. Be energized by unexpected challenges. Keep an eye on everyone's needs, schedule, constraints, the laws of physics, fears, passions, and on how to thoughtfully incorporate all of them.



{What I've Built Up}

I feel lucky to have found my home – a place in which I can fully explore and utilize and revel in all of the above inclinations and loves – in user research and strategy.

Here's what I know how to do well so far, and I'm excited to expand the list with each new role and project:


Lead and collaborate closely with multi-disciplinary internal and client teams

Connect with users naturally and quickly, on specific project goals and overarching personal needs

Custom research design - deep + efficient, rigorous + flexible

Creative secondary research

Participant recruitment, screening, and coordination

In-depth interviews (in-person, remote)

Ethnographic observations


Contextual inquiries

Product/experience immersion + trial

Focus group design + moderation

Qualitative + quantitative survey design, administration, analysis

Concept testing



Translate learnings into insights, principles, and/or action plans that reflect all major user, business, technological, and cultural considerations

Pattern + insight generation from wide-ranging inputs

Co-creation of personas, journey maps, design principles, insight-opportunity frameworks, stories, service models, and/or detailed action plans

Group synthesis and ideation workshop facilitation

Integration of insights with other major factors - key stakeholder needs, existing/emerging tech + trends, business capabilities + constraints

Incorporation of psychology + behavior change theories

Multi-disciplinary team management

(mixed methods UXRs, qualitative UXRs, quantitative UXRs, Design Program Managers, Research Operations Specialists; from intern to principal level, and ICs + managers)

Organizational design/planning, recruiting, hiring

Team vision + annual strategy creation


Career development  (1:1, team resources, programs, workshops)

Client/stakeholder relationship-building and collaboration

Executive-level presentation design + delivery

Teaching user research